Company Profile

About Akom:
Akom Technology was founded in 2001 by a veteran engineering team from IT industry in Taiwan to deliver the optimizing platforms for the converging networking and storage markets.

Our mission:
To provide the main building blocks that allow our customers to build the most cost-effective servers, NAS systems, various server appliances and workstations.

Our Object:
Pentium 4 CPU and Gigabit networking systems are becoming the standard PC server configuration. The issue of how to utilize mainstream architecture, that is, using the most cost-advantage architecture to improve meeting the ever increasing demand of server throughput has been the pivot of Akom's product development.

Target Markets:
Akom has targeted to the key growth markets where our products can offer an prevailing cost advantage over others.

* General Purpose Servers
* File Server/NAS/Back-up Server
* Internet/Intranet/all-in-one Server
* Cost effective Video-Streaming/Multi-media server