Motherboard AK-SR7

RAID 0 for Disk I/O speed
Hardware RAID 0 Striping for Disk I/O speed :
  • AK-SR7 embedded 4 HighPoint 372 hardware RAID controllers. Each controller supports 2 channels and up to 4 drives. You can construct an RAID 0 system using 2 to 4 hard drives and boost the disk I/O throughput performance. As the following illustration, you can have up to 4 sets of RAID 0 high-speed disk array.
Software RAID 0 Striping for Disk I/O speed :
  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux platform, all provide software RAID 0 "Non-Redundant Striped Array" function. Software based RAID 0 can sharply accelerate read/write performance. AK-SR7's multiple parallel IDE channels provide a best platform to software based RAID.
  • Users can choose any numbers of hard drives or combination of array according to their needs. As the following illustrations: both can achieve great performance.
How to Achieve 150MB/s Transfer Rate by Software RAID 0 :
  • You can use software RAID 0 to combine South Bridge's IDE drives and HighPoint-chipset-controlled drives into a single array group. This combination can break the upper limit of PCI bus 133 MB/s to achieve 150MB/s transfer rate.
  • As illustration (right) shows, when you stripe four hard drives of PCI bus, the transfer rate can attain approximate 133 MB/s. Then, you add on two hard drives of South Bridge to become a set of six hard drive into RAID 0 group. Since these two hard drives using different channels from the other four, the best performance can be up to 150 MB/s.
Software Based RAID 0 Performance Benchmark :