Motherboard AK-SR7

Hardware RAID + Software RAID
Integrate Hardware and Software RAID :
  • Hardware and software based RAID can be used together to form an invaluable tool to protect data against loss as well as accelerate I/O throughput.
  • As illustration, you can use hardware based RAID 1 and software based RAID 0 to construct a RAID 0 + 1 disk array. The advantage is that, when system is running properly, you can enjoy the high performance of multiple hard drives stripped software RAID 0. In case any member of redundant disk array fails, hardware based RAID 1 will immediately take action. System can run as usual. The OS's software RAID 0 will not aware of anything wrong. But hardware RAID 1 will notify system manager via e-mail alert function. Besides, when the failed member of hard drives is replaced, not only the on-lining rebuilding recovery function of hardware RAID 1 will immediately take off but the software RAID 0 can still run as usual.