Motherboard AK-SR7

:: Gigabit LAN Features
AK-SR7 integrates Broadcom Gigabit chipset. This chipset is designed for server, having exactly the same powerful features as 3Com's Gigabit LAN card. The software bundled with chipset is BACS-Bradcom Advanced Control Suite.
:: Major features include
Load Balance/Failover/Link Aggregation/Virtual LAN?Van easy way to configure the load balance and failover by grouping multiple adapter/controller.
Vital Sign:
At-a-glance status reports of LAN controllers in the system.
A comprehensive diagnostic for Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
Cable Analysis:
An in depth analysis on CAT5 cable characterization performed by the Broadcom Gigabit NIC.
A detailedperformance statistics on each selected adapter/controller.
SNMP Service