Technology Overview

To address the mission to deliver products of optimized performance and best value, Akom's technology developments focus in two key areas:

Innovation in the Architecture:
Exploiting the mainstream ingredients of PC industry, Akom is particularly proud of continued innovations in the architecture to optimize performance and bring new value for the customer. Integration of Gigabit NIC on Alpha-bus and extensive IDE RAID channels on motherboard are only a few examples.
Key persons in management team are all technical gurus in the PC industry with experience over 20 years each. They understand the new technology trend and know the secret how to drive last Winstones out of bus cycle tick.

Expertise in Hardware and ASIC Design:
In addition to many very experienced engineers being home at design of PC motherboards and various add-on cards, the Akom R&D team is also proud of its in-house ASIC design capability. To support future innovations in the server management and performance enhancement for the next generation of PC bus technologies, ASIC design becomes a crucial enabling factor. It's worth to note that CEO James Chan was also a pioneer of Taiwan chipset in 386 era and he is very expert in planning and management of ASIC development.