Motherboard AK-SR7

:: Hardware Monitoring/Debug
AK-SR7 embeds hardware monitoring feature. This feature allows system managers to monitor all signs of status of system and system environment. Users is fully informed the following information:
  • Voltage
  • Fan Speed
  • Temperature
AK-SR7 embeds AC2001--a device designed by Akom that enables motherboard to perform real-time self-diagnostic function.
Hardware Monitor
  • Besides BIOS monitoring, AK-SR7 also includes Graphic User Interface program. This feature helps user to easily monitor all kind of status signals.
Debug LED
AC-2001 and Debug LED :
  • The AC-2001 chipset and 2-digits LED in AK-SR7 can show the real-time hardware errors with respectively numbers.
  • Not only can BIOS uses it to display POST code, but kernels of Windows 2000 and Linux also take advantage of this capability to help isolate software problems.
  • The LED display feature is particular useful in servers where VGA display is not always around.
  • A 2-digit LED code indicates something going wrong. Code reference is in the manual.